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E8 Cowin Review – The Noise Cancellation Just Got Better!

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Living in a clamoring metropolitan zone are surged and mentioning nowadays. Surrounded by upheavals explicitly during active time times, to a great extent may come from your neighbors or it might be something other than what’s expected. Assurance is insufficient nowadays and one would search for better loosening up and joy explicitly through checking out your #1 music on your #1 headphones. Equipping a few headphones which have dynamic disturbance dropping could help your loosening up even more profitably, to be explicit the Cowin E8. Consequently, what are the features which make this headphone not equivalent to the rest:

Cowin Review

Uproar Cancellation

Most importantly, the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) feature at 32 decibels level makes a predominant appearing with withdrawing impressive number of sounds decibels from various reach; best, mid and high pitch. This derives the ANC can counterbalance the plane roars and transport engines upheavals to a good degree and closing out conversation talks. Consequently, it grants you to capitalize on your #1 music while traveling yet perhaps less amazing at consumed office spaces as the headphones have spillages of sounds.

Sound Quality

Likewise, the sound quality is seen as sufficient anyway not the best in the headphones market. Along these lines, what about we start with the bass, which is the basic portion of sound quality. The low-end essentially sort out some way to arrange with the blast and thunder fundamental to bass-considerable music meaning you’ll really have the alternative to value smooth bass sounds. Regardless, both the mid and high-bass makes the overall bass sounds with everything taken into account too generous as a result of overemphasized in frequencies.


We will research two features which makes the headphones perform better:

Battery Life

The Cowin E8 has 21 hours of battery presence with 3.2 significant stretches of charge time, which is seen as reasonable for any headphone’s dear. This infers that the battery will continue to go for a day on ordinary yet drowsy when re-invigorate. Recollecting that, you’ll need to turn it off actually to save battery.


The Bluetooth comes in Version 4 and considers a lone contraption coordinating in a manner of speaking. This infers you can’t change to other Bluetooth sources and have it totally maintained on various devices. The limit with respect to the headphones to change to other Bluetooth devices is fitting on the off chance that you’re using it for working purposes for example, enduring a call during checking out your advanced transmission. Moreover, proposing that Cowin E8 is more sensible for singular use rather than for working purposes. Another component which is missing is that the Bluetooth has no Near Field Communication (NFC) mixing which suggests the headphones can’t consolidate with other NFC contraptions making it more dull for the customers.


From my perspective, the Cowin E8 is more sensible for a singular official sort convinced for singular use. On the off chance that you’re the sort who likes to wander out and need to have some time alone. By then this pair of headphones could be fitting for you. At $150 merits a theory for better Active Noise Cancellation when checking out music or web recording moving.

Concerning headphones, I’m sure a critical number of you would understand that associations like Sony rules the headphones market with exorbitant expenses. Regardless, we will not examine Sony in this article, consider other even more good brand with reasonable expense. Cowin E7, a for the most part new master maker of speakers from Cowin Electronics in Guangdong, China. At the hour of creating, the master creator of speakers was set up 13 years earlier in 2006. From here on out, this brand has take off in arrangements, getting one of the primary 5 most sold headphones at Amazon with more than 7,000 significantly sure customer reviews. Hence, let us look at the key features that made this racket dropping headphone engaging.

Uproar Cancellation

These days, we live in a fiery environment, overflowing with dirtied sounds which could make you search for some loosening up or to have some middle checking out your primary tunes. Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling feature makes a lovely appearing to smother a trimmer, vacuum or processor and could even calm the plane upheaval totally. To a great extent the upheaval dropping part could be too free which snaps in light of pointless turns of events.

Sound Quality

That it is so basic to have clear correspondences these days. That goes for wearing the Cowin E7 headphones with magnificent sounds and constrained by 20Hz to 20kHz frequencies. The sound quality leftover parts clear, new and easy to check out from the most diminished to the most raised volume setting. Recalling that setting your headphones to the most critical volume could achieve extremely uproarious sound dependent upon which tune you’re checking out. Moreover, make sure to have the right stable system setting to restrict scratchy sounds on your PC.

Battery Life

Having headphones with strong battery life is critical to checking out your #1 music, computerized recording or playing for a serious long time. The Cowin E7 consolidates lithium battery with 30 hours break to allow you to loosen up and appreciate the sounds. You could even spend like 6 to 7 hours checking out your fundamental tunes and that looks like experiencing the entire day going on planes and in air terminals while the battery life stays in extraordinary condition.


The speed of Bluetooth affiliation and distance incorporation is basic for any headphones. Cowin E7 gave just that, covering farther than 80’of the distance and very brisk affiliation. In like manner, you could experience no static, dropouts and impedance in your headphone sounds. Before usage, just guarantee that your far off affiliation is consistent to achieve the best result. The headphones also go with wired relationship as another choice.

Mind blowing Price and Support

To wrap things up, similarly as the headphones being comfort equipped with sensitive earcup and padded headband. Cowin E7 cost is reasonable and moderate for most of buyers. You are covered with a 18-month assurance and they hurry to response on any headphone gives that you may knowledge during the underlying 18-month. That gives extra security that an enormous bit of us headphone sweethearts would require.

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