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My husband sweats a lot during sex and it is irritating

my husband sweats a lot during sex,  I hate it and I get turned off when he is sweating all over me.

I have been refusing him to have sex withme for a while now, but I feel guilty about it and I don’t know how to make him understand because my greatest fear is that he may get upset if i discuss it with him.

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hyperhidrosis mean excessive sweating and People who with hyperhidrosis sweat to the point that even moisture  literally drip from their hands.

When  the sweat glands don’t shut off, They sweat even when the circumstances don’t call for it: when they’re in air conditioning, or while they’re sitting and watching television. Some people even tell their doctors that they sweat in a swimming pool.

The causes of hyperhidrosis depend on the type of sweating that’s happening. Most times, excessive sweating is harmless.

In some cases, doctors don’t even know why people sweat so much and in other cases, the causes of hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating may be a medical condition that you need to be aware of.

The  cause of excessive sweating may include…

Pregnancy, Diabetes, Hyperthyroidism, Menopause, Anxiety, Obesity, Parkinson’s disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, Lymphoma, Gout, Infection, Shingles, Heart attack or heart failure, Respiratory failure, Alcohol or substance abuse.


  1. Try to make the environment conducive before sex, with wisdom make him take his bath, make sure the fan or air condition is on.

2. The cause of his excessive sweating  maybe caused by health challenge issues  and discussing it with your trusted doctor will help discover the cause and providing solution to it.

This is where communication comes in. You must find a way to discuss the issue with him and making him understand the importance of getting a medical checkup.

If you don’t tell him, how would he find way round it?. He might even be thinking sweating turns you on as it does for some people.  Communication gap in marriages creates crack and so degenerate to wide margin and finally destroy good relationships

3. You can get a towel near you on the bed, wipe his body as the sweat dribs and by so doing he might even be the one to bring up the topic which you still must apply wisdom  else his ego or self esteem might be affected negatively.

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